Strength, Wisdom,

Train yourself to free yourself
Become a beast

Build Your

Open Your Mind

Philosophy for
the modern world

Free Yourself

Build your

Business & Money

A philosophy born in streets that will get you to the suites. Build you mind, body, and empire, one lesson at a time.


Live free die well podcast

The Live Free Die Well Podcast brings you conversations with people from all walks of life. Street hustlers to Academic Philosophers, all with the goal learning the secret game the system and live the life you want.


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Live Free Die Well youtube TV Channel


Live Free Die Well Channel

Tune in for new content from around the world that will help you to live free and die well.

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Beat The System

Our Time Has Come

We must train ourselves tirelessly. We must build strength, not only physically, but mentally, and spiritually. We must have the knowledge and wisdom to use it to free ourselves and defeat our enemies. We must be honorable, live by the warriors code, and use our power for good.

Real Strength

Built from the inside out

To defeat your enemies and free yourself you must train your mind, body, and spirit. Conquer yourself, then conquer the world.