Live Free Die Well is a collective of real artists and entrepreneurs with the singular goal of truly living free. This means doing what we love, with the people we love, and making a living doing it. 

We are the goonies of the world. And guess what? This is our time. Our time to destroy the current status quo and rebuild a world we want to live in. Not only make it though life, but have a f@&#*n awesome time doing it.


What do you think we do? We kick ass! We live free so we can die well, we create awesome consumable content for like minded individuals, and we do our best to share our knowledge on how to live the good life so you don'y have to fail as much as we did.

Live Free Die Well Podcast

Was designed for us by us (FUBU, that's a cool thing I just came up with by myself), with topics ranging from, art, philosophy, and fitness, to sex, business, and the paranormal, and all the other cool shit in between.

We have real conversations, with real people that have broken free of society's chains. Professional artisans, street hustlers, modern philosophers, and more. All with the goal to show you how to do the same and truly live free.

Make sure to tune in, turn it up, and flip that big middle finger to everyone who said you would turn out to be nothing when you got older. Because this is our time to Live Free and Die Well.

Live free die well is recorded live at Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop, in sunny Southern California.