We are being enslaved by those trying to control us, the reasons why are many, greed, power, fame, etc. But we must be better than the system to beat the system.

We must train ourselves tirelessly. We must build strength, not only physically, but mentally, and spiritually. We must have the knowledge and wisdom to use it to free ourselves and defeat our enemies. We must be honorable, live by the warriors code, and use our power for good.

Just like the Samurai, the Spartans, the Medieval Knights, the Apache, the Vikings, and all the other famous warriors tribes of the past. We live by a code. This promotes honor, a moral compass, and purpose, all of which are missing from modernity and are why many feel lost. A simple system that gives you simple, although sometimes difficult to carry out  answers to life's problems. A code that will guide you when interacting with others. But more importantly a code that will guide you when no one is watching.

They won't teach you this in school, this is information those in charge don't want you know. These skills, this way of life, to understand how to live free and die well, is learned from experience. 90 percent of the world could care less about freedom, they don't want the responsibility. They are happy with their 9-5 and simple float through life, they will never know true freedom. 9 percent know what's up, and they use this knowledge to take advantage of, hurt , and use others, they may be free, but they will never die well. But there is the 1 percent of us. We truly are free, we are honorable, and we will change the world. No matter what fate brings, we will live free, and we will die well.